A guide to responsible game

Online casino is a good source of entertainment for people over 18 in USA. Slot machines Gives people the opportunity to relax while offering potential for big gains. Unfortunately, they can also be addictive, which makes it important with responsible behavior from both the USA online casino you play with and from yourself.

This guide deals with the subject 'responsible game'. We will take a closer look at what the responsible game is and what tools USA online casinos Offers to help you, either proactive or reactive. The goal of this guide is to know exactly what to do in given situations.

What is the responsible game?

To know how to react when we face difficult situations, it is essential to know what the responsible game is. In short, we can say that responsible games are playing that does not go beyond your finances, mental health or the people around you.

In order to play responsibly, there are some unwritten rules one should follow. These unwritten rules are easy to understand and are as follows:

  • Never play for more than you can afford to lose
  • Never try to win back what you have lost
  • Don't Prioritize Gambling in front of Social Activities
  • Don't let the game go beyond your general mood
  • Set loss and time limits

A signal that you can be in trouble is if you go and think about gaming often, even when you don't play. Then we recommend either pause or exclude yourself from playing.

Tools to play responsible

Considering whether a feeling or state of mind can be a potential danger to itself is not always as easy. It is also not easy to take action when things have already gone too far. That's why we recommend all our readers a proactive approach. Being a leader was what makes playing at the casino a great experience instead of a source of frustration. A casino online with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao has tools available that makes it easier for you to be a leader, or respond in time.

Start with a self -test

A self -test is something you can take at any time on your casino trip. In this test, you answer a bunch of questions that help a computer made by specialists to determine if you can safely continue the way you play today, whether you are at risk, need a break or should give you playing. We recommend all our readers to take such a self -test, preferably once a month if you are active for a long time.

Set a deposit limit

It is recommended to set a budget when playing the casino. This amount must never exceed what you can afford to lose. To get help staying within the budget, you can set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit.

Such deposit limits are very effective for those who know a little about the feeling of winning back the lost. If this is a strong feeling with you, we recommend either taking a break or giving you completely with online gaming.

Decide on a loss limit

Loss limits are a tool online casinos offer that can be very effective against playing for more money than you can afford to lose. It also helps players in spreading their budget over time instead of losing everything in one evening.

A loss limit can be set daily, weekly or moon and it is you who decide how much you can afford to lose. If you are struggling with playing the entire budget for one evening and having to wait until next month before you can afford to play again, we recommend using this tool.

Once the gambling has gone too far

Do you know or have you taken a self -test that says that gambling has already gone too far and that you suffer from gambling addiction, we initially recommend a play break. It may also be appropriate to exclude oneself from playing. This is typically something you should consider when playing exclusively contributes to something negative in your life, or is used as an escape from a difficult reality.

Pause from cash games

A break from gambling is something you can do without having to use tools. You should still know that USA casinos have a tool that temporarily excludes you from your account in a set time period. This can be done by yourself, but it can also happen that the casino does this for you.

Exclusion from cash games

Excluding yourself from gambling is a drastic, but sometimes an absolutely necessary measure. If you have tried a break, but the same painful feeling and bad habits return, we recommend excluding online casinos, sportsbooks and other gambling pages. It is important to remember that Casino should contribute to positive entertainment solely and does not, so gambling is not for you.


If you want more information about responsible games, or need someone to talk to, we recommend these resources:

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  • Gambling Therapy
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