Candy do you play with Asian Handicap

Until us USAs, Asian Handicap was an unknown phenomenon for us USAs. Until the foreign gaming companies introduced the game, our selection was limited to winning games.

Today you will find Asian handicap at Most major online casinos that offers games at odds. One of the companies is the famous USA odds side, Comeon.. But, what is Asian Handicap, how do you play on it, and is it possible to win more if you use a strategy?

This article will give you answers to everything you need to know about Asian Handicap, and if we know ourselves right, you will also find information that you do not necessarily need to know, but which is nice to have heard of.

Join us and we will explain exactly how to play with Asian Handicap. It all starts by understanding how it works.

How does play with handicap work?

To understand how Asian Handicap works, it is a great advantage to know how games with traditional handicap work. The basic idea behind the game is to give one of the teams or one of the players a handicap before the match starts.

The game is meant to give the favorite higher odds, while increasing the chance of loss, or giving the underdog an advantage and thus increasing the chance of gain. In this way, a match between the series leader in the Elite Series and the Table Jumbo in the 3rd division can be a playable object.

If we use the example above and you think the Elite Series team wins with 3 goals or more, you can bet on that team, with a 0-2 in Handicap. If the Elite Series team wins 3-0 in this match, the result of this game will be 3-2 and you win. Should the match end 3-1, the result of the game will be 3-3 and you lose.

Asian Handicap explained

Asian Handicap is a little more advanced than a traditional handicap. On the other hand, it is well worth the time it takes to understand how to play with Asian handicap.

In addition to replacing a 0-1 handicap with a -1 handicap, you will find Asian Handicap Games with -0.5, +0.75 to name a few. Decimals make it all more confusing, but this is also where Asian Handicap can be very profitable.

In the table below, we explain the result of a game and how Asian Handicap works, down to every little detail.

Team ResultBet Result
Team ResultBet Result
TieHalf lossTieHalf winnings
Victory with 2+Gain
Victory with 1Half winningsTieGain
TieTapLoss with 1Half loss
TapTapLoss with 2+Tap
Victory with 2+Gain
Victory with 1RefundTieGain
TieTapLoss with 1Refund
TapTapLoss with 2+Tap
Victory with 2+Gain
Victory with 1Half lossTieGain
TieTapLoss with 1Half winnings
TapTapLoss with 2+Tap

Phrase you must be able to about asian handicap

If you have followed closely in the table above, you have noticed that we have introduced new expressions to you as an odds player. If you are used to winning games or traditional handicap, it is likely that the expressions "half gain" and "half loss" made you confused.

Half loss

At half loss, you lose half of your efforts and get the residue repaid. In a game where you have placed 100 kroner on a -0.25 games and the match ends in a draw, you will lose 50 kroner and be refunded 50 kroner.

Half winnings

Without further explanation, it is difficult to distinguish between half loss and half gain. If you have placed 100 kroner on a -0.75 games and the team finds with 1 goals, you will be paid your original bet + 50% of the potential gain. That is, if the odds were 2.00, you will be paid 100 + 50 kroner, which amounts to NOK 150 in total.

When is it wise to play with Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is exciting and there are many who see the great benefits of reducing the risk, as an Asian handicap does compared to traditional handicap.

But, when does it really pay to use Asian Handicap games? The short answer is that Asian Handicap pays off when one of the teams is a favorite to win, without feeling absolutely sure of a big win.

Many people choose to use Asian Handicap as part of a larger odds coupon with 3-10 choices on the coupon. This will increase the total odds of the coupon and to a greater extent make it profitable to play on obvious favorites, while often tolerating one or other goals too little in one or more of the matches.

Another case where Asian Handicap is popular is when two regular teams meet. If you have faith in one of the teams, but also think that the match can quickly end a draw, you can deliver a game on your team of +0, giving it back if you are unlucky and the match ends in a draw.

These are a few examples of when it is popular to use the game. Asian Handicap has tremendous potential and only the creativity stops you.

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