How to find out if the casino has a license

It is estimated that the iGaming industry had sales of approximately NOK 2000 billion on a worldwide basis in 2021. There is a slight progress from 2020 when they had sales of about NOK 1800 billion.

Behind all this money, there are many smaller transactions and millions of people who have shared their personal information. When sending money and sharing information on the Internet, the importance of security increases.

Here at Byteballjs we are concerned that USA players only register with casinos with a license. In this article we explain why a license is important and how to check if an online casino has a license.

Why is a license important?

In this section we will talk a little about why it is important that an online casino has a license and what benefits you get from playing in a licensed casino. As many know, you have to disclose names, address, date of birth, and bank details to play with real money in an online casino.

When sharing such information, it is important that only the online casino gets this information. If this happens, you risk identity theft. This can lead to both discomfort and actions in your name you do not want to be responsible for.

The same goes for when you tend to money. It is important that the money comes safely from you to the casino or from the casino to you. Without proper security around payment solutions, you will run a risk of someone stealing your money.

An online casino licensed in Estonia, Malta or Curacao must follow strict guidelines from licensing and not least follow the EU directive on the sharing of personal data (GDPR). In addition, the online casino must relate to the directive against money laundering and financing terrorist activities.

A unlicensed casino basically raises illegal. To offer gambling without a license, no country in the world allows, making the basic criminals. It is therefore important to ask why they do not have a license and not least why they want to follow strict guidelines and directives if they do not even want a license.

How to check if the online casino has a license

An online casino with a license is obliged to disclose this. The most common place you find this is at the bottom of the website, or in "Footer" if you want. At a licensed online casino you will find a text that informs the license number, licensing authority and the address of online casino. They are also required to link to the page that provides more details about their gambling license. Often you will also find the logo of the license authorities. It is that the link is placed in it.

But does this information provide a guarantee? No, unfortunately, unlicensed casinos sometimes write such a text or post a logo to pretend they have a license. Therefore, it is very important that you click on the link and verify that they have a gambling license.

If you think this sounds too complicated, you can easily find a Licensed online casino here at Byteballjs.

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