Verification of your casino account

When you sign up with a USA online casino Then you provide your personal information to a company subject to the EU laws and regulations. This means, among other things, that an online casino must comply with its obligations in Henold to the directive dealing with money laundering and, fraud, and terrorist financing.

Therefore, USA online casinos require you to verify your information before you are given the opportunity to withdraw from your account with them. So it is not to be difficult, but a natural consequence of the social responsibility a night casino has.

Benefits of verifying the account

If we disregard the obvious benefit of being able to withdraw winnings, there are several benefits to having to verify your personal information. In the case of identity theft, in theory anyone can create an account, spend money and steal money in your name.

By the fact that an online casino requires verification both of your personal information and your payment solutions, you are ensured that someone logs into your account and makes withdrawals to your own bank or an organization you will not be associated with.

The main advantage of having to verify the account at an online casino that Play casino is therefore that your personal information and your money remain safe.

Disadvantages of verifying the account

It is clear that the benefits you get by having to verify your account almost, regardless of the disadvantages, make up the trouble of scanning documents, taking pictures and logging into the online bank.

There are some annoying small disadvantages anyway. The queue for verification can be very long at an online casino. Especially if the casino has recently changed payment methods, you may have to wait long before you can make a withdrawal. Do you play at Casino Cruise, even the chance of this is very small.

Another disadvantage of verification is that you do not necessarily have access to printer, scanner or a good camera. Then it can be troublesome to gather the information you need.

Documents you need for verification of casino account

To verify your casino account, you need a variety of documents. Which documents you need depends on what kind of verification you have been asked for.

In some cases, the casino wants to know that you are the one you have stated that you are. They do this to prevent identity theft or that banned players with gambling problems play in family members' names.

Other times, they want proof that you own the payment solution you want to transfer money to. They do this to prevent fraud and money laundering. Both of these situations require you to present different documents.

Verification of personal data

In order for an online casino to know that you are who you state that you are and live where you say you live, they must see proof of this. It is common for you to be asked to submit one of three different approved documents. Common to all of them is that they have to contain your name, your address, date it is sent and the name of the sender. These are the different documents approved:

  • Household billing
  • A letter from the authorities
  • Residence certificate

Verification of payment method

An online casino is required by law to verify that the payment solution you have used is yours. You can do this in several different ways depending on the payment solution you have chosen. Common is that your account number, your name and your address must appear in the image. Here are the documents that can be presented:

  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards (both sides, the image must show the first 6 and last 4 digits)
  • A bank statement from your bank account
  • Screenshot from account overview in Ewallet
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